What is Dream Team?

The Dream Team event offers the perfect mixture of high-level coaching, interactive attendee engagement and relationship building opportunities. What makes this event different is that it is about you, your business and your ideas, and is designed for all levels of experience in business. No matter if you are starting out, starting over, or just looking for the next step to taking your business ideas to the next level, you will leave this event with a blueprint of action steps needed.

Sit on the infamous "hot seat" and get the one-on-one coaching guidance you need to hear from JTs hand selected coaches. Not only will you learn from the coaches, but also all of the other entrepreneurs whom are present, through conceptual learning.

Upcoming Dates


21st- 24th

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days is the event?

This is a four day event.

What should I bring?

Be sure to bring a notepad and pen to take plenty of notes. We encourage you to bring business cards for networking purposes.

Where will I stay?

We do not create a room block for this event. You are more than welcome to book yourself a room at the host hotel or in the surrounding area.

What are the hours each day?

The days usually run from 9:00 am – 5:00 p.m. You should arrive one hour early for registration.

What should I wear?

Dress to impress. Business professional is required. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Will meals be provided?

Meals will not be provided. We will take breaks throughout the day and there are usually plenty of options onsite at the host hotel for food or snacks.

What others think about the Dream Team event

“ Phenomenal & transformational. Mind blowing. Would recommend the Dream Team to every entrepreneur looking to not only improve their business, but their life.”

Allyse Chan
Dream Team Atlanta

“Wonderful! It makes you learn how to think for yourself and gives you the tools to do it. You learn what questions to ask to get the answers you are looking for in your business! Most people are asking the wrong questions”

Margaret Ennis
Dream Team Atlanta

“Amazing. The wealth of information and advice from the coaches and delegates is invaluable and priceless”

Aneekah Fataar
Dream Team Johannesburg

“It has fired me up to look at my business in a new light and re-energize to push it to the next level.”

Dee Dee Quah
Dream Team Singapore

“ I feel equipped with the strategies, resources, belief, and mindset to make my dreams a reality”

Sarah Archer
Dream Team London

“Love the mix of content and transformation. Practical steps to implement in the business and to create blueprint going forward”

Marinda Le Grange
Dream Team Johannesburg

“Widens my perspective of business, provides hope for a more successful business and untangles some of my problems I am having now”

Ashley Low
Dream Team Singapore

“What the coaches taught me really hit me in the heart, even on a personal level. 2016 is going to be amazing for our business. All we need is to start implementing what we’ve learned immediately.”

Fei Ting Chang
Dream Team Atlanta

“It made me realize that all success needs hard work”

Jimmy Schartman
Dream Team London

“Life changing, business booming”

Alexander Ho
Dream Team Atlanta

“I’m leaving as a renewed woman. I feel I have the fundamentals of business and how to create/grow a business that creates an experience and solves a problem for my clients. I feel more authentic, accountable, and prepared. I can’t wat to implement it all!!!”

Chritie Reppart
Dream Team Atlanta

“The Dream Team changed my mindset to achieve nothing less than excellence.”

Eddie Pulliam
Dream Team Atlanta

“This event is the best, profound, educational and life-changing event I’ve ever attended.”

Kristine Overby
Dream Team Atlanta

“I’ve been given amazing tools, advice and coaching. If I use 1/10th of it, I’ll become 1000% better.”

Pam Holton
Dream Team Atlanta

“We will become who we are supposed to be and rediscover ourselves. We will think creatively. We will implement our 30-day plan.”

Phill Holton
Dream Team Atlanta

“This event further increased my belief in the value of coaching.”

Roderick Mitchell
Dream Team Atlanta

“This event was over the top!”

Sonyqa P. Nagy
Dream Team Atlanta

“Amazing coaches and amazing fellow Dream Teamers. The event was great and really well organized.”

Marianne Theyse
Dream Team SA

“Solid event! Content covered all bases from a technical aspects & coach Cherie spoke to the heart and inspired action and a bigger vision!”

Drew McDermid
Dream Team SA

“Fantastic opportunity to bounce off ideas. The hot seat is a great idea!”

Nicolas MJ Nel
Dream Team SA

“WOW! Can’t believe that it was ever possible to get so much amazing advise in one event!”

Rosetta Perotti
Dream Team SA

“A great renewer. Good connection opportunity. Great place to learn from quality people.”

Jane Cope
Dream Team SA

“It is invaluable to learn from other students businesses through the hotseat. The content is very relevant to all business owners to grow new ideas for revenue streams, branding & marketing and systems.”

Marinda Le Grange
Dream Team SA

“Very valuable lessons learned and great contacts made. Very worthwhile.”

Janet Knight
Dream Team SA

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Rey Santiago, our Specialty Events Consultant. He will answer any questions you may have.
We hope to see you soon!

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